Technotrace in Štramberk

Uncover the secrets of the elves and sorcerers of Štramberk and bake your own ear during a visit to the technotrace "Štramberk for the treasures of the blacksmiths, maltsters and confectioners".

Time commitment

1 hour


min. 10 a max. 20 persons.

Start of the route

Meeting at the gate of the National Garden at 5 pm.


99 CZK

Prices include VAT.


On a special tour we will tell you about the gold in Štramberk, we will look down on the quarry and in the bakery U Hezounů you can even try to bake your own typical Štramberk delicacy. We will reveal the secret of baking these gingerbread delicacy.

The gold coins you’ll find along the way will open the door to true local hospitality. You will see a period brewery and taste the beer that has been drunk in the local limestone quarry since time immemorial.

Why visit the technotrace

This project is co-financed by a grant from the budget of the Moravian-Silesian Region